• Healthcare Strategy & Innovation Partners

    We help people in healthcare organizations achieve more with less.

  • What We Do

    Throughline is built with the aim of improving health outcomes and experiences, profitably and sustainably, by partnering with people and companies who share in this purpose.


    We help people in healthcare organizations achieve more with less.




    We do this by starting with the end results in-market necessary for sustainable health gains—meaningfully improved health outcomes and business results—and plan backward through the commercialization continuum to identify what’s needed and what’s not in order to pull potentially transformational insights, strategies and ideas through to market with maximum impact and minimum wasted investment.


    We’re passionate about helping our clients to identify key transition points and create Shared Values Engagements™ that bring stakeholders together in ways that accelerate great strategy and ideas making it to market successfully and changing lives for the better.



  • How We Do It

    Our Key Services and Offerings




    Strategic Planning & Launch Acceleration

    We help our clients (and our clients' clients) create interactions, processes, tools, capabilities and culture for sharper strategy that gets pulled through to drive better outcomes and results in market.


    Key capabilities include:

    • Positioning Strategy (Research, Consulting, Co-Creation and Organizational alignment)
    • Launch Strategy & Planning (including Accelerating Adoption)
    • Annual Brand/Business Planning (Consulting + facilitation and/or Process implementation + training)
    • Advisory Board Design & Facilitation
    • Competitive Simulations (Competitive analysis, Worksession design/prep/facilitation, etc.)
    • Messaging Strategy (Research, Consulting, Implementation support)
    • Core Sales Messaging Strategy and Q&A (Research, Consulting, Implementation support)
    • Corporate and Portfolio Strategy
    • Mission, Vision & Values development
    • Shared Values EngagementTM worksessions
    • Brand Strategy Consulting
    • Strategic Workshop Facilitation


    Deeper Insights through Expert Qual and Social Science

    Through social science, foresight, and advanced methods we conduct deep market research to power up strategy and innovation.​


    Key capabilities include:

    • Patient & HCP Journeys – Integrated Emotional + Medical/Transactional
    • Deep Target Understanding (patients, HCPs, payers, loved ones, etc.)
      • Key Methodologies include: Ethnography, Focus Groups and IDIs, Web- Aided Phone Interviews, Social Listening, Digital Ethnography, Virtual RoundTables, Longitudinal Reflective Journaling, Online Ethnography, MobileMeMoments, Subject Matter Expert (SME) interviews, etc.
    • Team Insights Immersion & Internalization (work sessions, videos, toolkits)
    • Segmentation Feeders (Qual research to feed quant  Segmentation study)
    • Bringing the Segment to Life (Qual research to more deeply understand Quant segments)
    • Drivers and Barriers Study (Adoption, Adherence and other Behaviours)
    • Meta-Analysis + Synthesis + Insight elevation (of existing Market Research)
    • Scanning - Behavioural, cultural, technology and cross-industry scanning
    • Strategic Foresight Secondary research


    Solutions, Innovation, & Pull-through

    We use Lean Design Thinking to complete end to end innovation projects with clients. Successful solutions are developed in step with current and downstream commercial and organizational realities.


    INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT capabilities include:

    • HCP and/or Patient Support Programs Innovation
      • Current Landscape mapping; Academic Literature reviews
      • Ethnographic Unmet Needs Research
      • Key Problem Definition and Prioritizing
      • Co-creating solutions with patients, HCPs, stakeholders
      • Prototype Building & Validation
      • Pilot Design, Implementation & Measurement Support
    • Behavioural Economics Intervention (Developing and testing interventions and nudges to improve adoption, adherence and other key behaviours)
    • Patient Experience Mapping & Improvement
    • New Business Models Development
    • Ancillary Business Model Development
    • Innovation Worksessions Design & Facilitation
    • New Partnership Opportunities mapping, validation


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    Do you and your team aim to improve healthcare experiences and outcomes? If so, we'd love to chat about how we can help you achieve more with less.



    Nadia Sapiro

    President & Founder

    Caroline Trahair

    SVP, Insights & Strategy

    Jin Su Joo, PhD

    VP, Insights & Strategy

    Kate Mossman, PhD

    Senior Director, Insights & Strategy


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    Our team brings together business strategists, market researchers, designers, sociologists, behavioural economists, healthcare professionals, and project managers.


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